Iberia Rod & Gun Club

Iberia Rod & Gun Club's Rodeo Rules & Regulations



  1. OPERATION GAME THIEF: 1-800-442-2511
  2. The Rodeo Committee reserves the right to polygraph any participant in this rodeo.
  3. Fishing begins 12:01 AM Thursday, July 4, 2019, and ends 1:00 PM Saturday, July 6, 2019.
  4. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AFTER 12 NOON ON FRIDAY. Each Fisherman registering fish must present registration ticket along with fish. NO FISH WILL BE WEIGHED WITHOUT REGISTRATION TICKET.
  5. Every person in boat must have a registration ticket.
  6. All fish must be weighed in by boat EXCEPT Junior Division and Kayak Division.
  7. If unfavorable weather conditions prevail, the rodeo committee shall decide by Tuesday, July 2, 2019, at Angler’s Supper if the rodeo will take place or be postponed to another date.
  9. Weights of fish will be determined in pounds and ounces. In even of a tie, 1stfish entered will receive award. No measurements will be used.
  10. Tackle-rod & reel, Calcutta pole, hand lines, artificial lures, live or dead bait may be used to catch fish. Fish taken by devices other than rod & reel, hand lines, and hand poles are not eligible for competition. No nets allowed expect landing nets.
  11. All fish registered will be marked and returned to owner.
  12. Each fisherman must hook and land his own fish with official tacked with landing net and gaff permitted.
  13. ANGLERS NOTICE: The fishing area for the rodeo shall consist of the Louisiana coastal and inland waters for the offshore division.
  14. The Inside & Jr. Division Boundary will include Vermillion, Weeks, and East and West Cote Blanche Bays. In addition, it will include all of the Gulf of Mexico waters contained by a line drawn from Point Chevreuil to a point one (1) mile south of Shell Keys, to a western boundary point ½ mile west to TeButte to include Nickel Reef. FEDERAL WATERS are outside of Inside Division.
  15. All fishermen on the same boat must be in the same category. A fisherman must fish the same division for the entire rodeo, except Jr. Anglers. See rule 4 Jr. Category next page.
  16. No fisherman may have more than two (2) fish per category registered on boards at any one time.
  17. Any person displaying poor sportsmanship at any time during the rodeo may be disqualified by the judges committee or by a committee of rodeo officials. A person’s inability to control himself/herself under the influence of alcohol will not be an exception to this rule.
  18. Anyone disqualified for breaking any of the rodeo rules or being part of any party trying to break any rodeo rules will be barred from this rodeo and/or disqualified for all prizes and awards in this and ALL FUTURE Iberia Rod & Gun Club rodeos.
  19. All persons registered in this rodeo with the understanding that they have intentions of participating as fisherman. No refund will be made on registrations.
  20. ALL AWARDS NOT CLAIMED AT THE RODEO MUST BE PICKED UP BY JULY 31, 2019 OR BE FORFEITED. Call Chad LeBlanc (337) 207-6206 or Brandy St.Germain (337) 321-1133.
  21. All fish registered must comply with state and/or federal restrictive guidelines. If the fish is registered/weighed and determined by the board to be in violation of restrictive guidelines, the fish will be disqualified.
  22. All of the above rules are based on the honor system. Any complaints must be in written form, signed, and directed to the rodeo committee within 15 minutes of the last fish weighed.

July 2, the Tuesday night prior to the rodeo, there will be a supper for all participating anglers at the Lydia American Legion Hall. For more information, call Brock Pellerin (337) 380-9347. All Calcutta tickets will be sold at Angler’s Supper.


  1.  To qualify for the awards, the entrant must not have reached his 16th birthday before June 30, 2019. Proof of age is required.
  2.  Entrant must land fish without assistance except gaffing or netting.
  3.  A Junior Fisherman holding a Junior ticket must enter only in the Junior category. If they choose to fish adult categories (Inside, Offshore) they must purchase an adult ticket before ticket sales close.
  4.  All fish weighed in Junior Division must be caught in the Inside Division Boundaries.


Inside Division (see #14 for boundaries info): Points accumulated daily

Inside Calcutta: Points accumulated daily

Junior Division (see #14 for boundaries info): Points accumulated daily

Offshore Division: Points accumulated at the end of rodeo

Offshore Calcutta: Points accumulated at the end of rodeo

Exotic: Non point category



  1. Launch boundaries: Anglers may launch from any public accessible bounds in the state of Louisiana ( However, fishing Cypremort Point area is encouraged)
  2. Acceptable craft; Human powered Kayaks and Canoes only. No trowlling motors or mother-shipping allowed.
  3. Acceptable Tackle: Any and all tackle is acceptable. 
  4. All weigh in times will follow rodeo schedule.